Buying Pheromones can be scary...

You have many choices for buying pheromones on the internet.  
So what's different about us?...

 We are one of the few sites which offers pheromones manufactured in essential oil rather than an alcohol-based carrier.

 Pheromones have changed since we started selling them in 2001 - they are not just for sexual attraction. Doctors are using them as a natural mood elevator, new blends increase social interaction and boost your confidence (see Professional Advantage). Sexual attraction pheromones now contain copulins to smooth out and boost delivery and effectiveness.

 Our Pheromones with fragrance, "Lovers Brew", are a blend of pheromones & essential oil fragrance ~ our own unique blends, "Designer fragrances" (copies of famous perfume brands in essential oils) and essential oil favorites (such as Lavender, Rose, Sandalwood, Patchouli, etc.) ~ see our complete Fragrance List.

 We don't use x-rated or sexually specific material or invasive tracking--you can shop anywhere, anytime. Your privacy & security are our responsibility. We take it seriously.

Welcome to our site--it's our 10th anniversary year. We are testing new more convenient shopping cart and adding new products, so please check back often.  Go Shopping...

What our are customers are saying:
I placed an order around last April or May...I attracted all kinds of sex...since then I have had to use your pheromones selectively. I also use them for my own personal pleasure; they make me feel happy and sexy in my own right." 
-- FZ, San Diego

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