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How do I use your products? What's different about your web site & products?

Professional Advantage (social bonding) Pheromones)

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How do I use your products?

Our products, both Pheromones Only and pheromones plus fragrance (Lovers Brew) unlike those of most pheromone suppliers, are manufactured in essential oils rather than alcohol. The essential oils will be absorbed by your skin and give you long-lasting coverage. Unlike alcohol-based products, you can put essential oils anywhere on your body. In addition, you can our products in potpourri, add them to your bath water or other bath and body products without harming your skin.

Refresh your pheromones about every four hours. DO NOT expose them to heat over 95 degrees or below-freezing temperatures.

Do not mix our products with alcohol-based fragrance...

"Lovers Brew" is our name for pheromones with essential oil fragrance. "Pheromones Only" have no fragrance and no smell.

If you want to use an alcohol-based cologne, perfume or eau de toilette with your pheromones, apply them directly to your skin. DO NOT mix our products (Lovers Brew or Pheromones Only) in 
a bottle with alcohol-based fragrance.

Try them out to get a reaction...

Wear your Almost Skyclad pheromone products on trips to the grocery store, your office or school, or other public places, not just out to a bar or club. Many of our customers have had limited success in crowded bars (where there is an overwhelming load of olfactory and vomeronasal stimulation present) but have experienced very good results when just wearing the preparation during their daily routine.

For sexual attraction pheromones...Choose Pheromones to Attract Men if you are a straight woman or gay man. Choose Pheromones to Attract Women if you are a straight man or gay woman.

For improved social interaction or as a mood enhancer...

Try Professional Advantage Pheromones. (See Testimonials below) You can choose this pheromone blend on our Pheromones Only page or pheromones with fragrance at Lovers Brew.

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What's different about your web site & products?

This is your grandma's web site. I'm a grandmother of 2 teenagers, semi-retired. I found the love of my life at age 59 and wanted to create a business that would allow me to stay home, play lots of music, paint, sew, garden etc.

I named this web site after the frustration of feeling "nearly naked" (almost skyclad) while dating in middle age. I was delighted to find a product that worked, is affordable and can be used in so many ways.

This is it!!! We (it's a family thing) enjoy being able to offer a high grade pheromone product from a reputable laboratory and premium grade essential oils - no alcohol-based fragrances allowed. 

As in any business, we learned a lot about fragrance and suppliers by experimenting. 

Roxanne Rhoads at did a review on our scents (very early in our business life before we knew about the possible allergic reactions to Cinnamon essential oils). We use a much more reputable and powerful pheromone formula now, as well. 

What we don't do:

1) no x-rated graphics or language--you can look at this site anywhere, anytime, with anyone.
2) Harass you with pop-ups or intrusive e-marketing. We don't sell your email address or info to anyone, ever nor do we store any data on a hackable server. 
3) Make outrageous claims. If your pheromones don't work, you get your money back, no questions asked.
4) limit or target our business to one gender or orientation.

Since 2001 when I started this business, many of our regular customers found their partners with the help of our products and are now back to spice up their marriage after a few years. They send their friends to us and their success stories. Visit us on FaceBook for comments from customers.

Professional Advantage (social bonding) Pheromones

In addition to the sexual attraction pheromones we now offer Professional Advantage  (social attraction) pheromones. Professional Advantage (social bonding pheromones) Pheromones are also used by doctors as a mood enhancer and natural hormone producer to help relieve symptoms of PMS. Commercially, the latest news is the specially balanced blends which break down social barriers and help create a feeling of "friendliness" for those working with the public See Testimonials below.

Many of my customers are doctors, psychiatrists and other professional people who use Professional Advantage regularly to establish rapport with their patients. This wonderful blend works well in one-on-one situations and is used by sales professionals, health care professionals. As a professional musician, teacher and performer, I have used it for years--it works!

Yes, I use my products as do my family and friends. We welcome your questions and comments.

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Is my order confidential ?

Yes. All customer information is kept secure and confidential. We do not sell or trade or provide access to your information to any party. At Almost Skyclad, we respect your privacy.

We never put any advertisements or sexually explicit material of any kind on the package. Your customer account will store your contact information only for use by our customer service department. We never store credit card information in our customer database. We do not sell our customer database or make it available to anyone any other companies.

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Shipping Policy 

U.S. orders are shipped Priority Mail or Express Mail. Free Shipping for orders over $50.00 applies to U.S. orders, Priority Mail only; Express Mail is available on request. 

We ship outside the U.S. to Canada, Australia and the U.K. If you live outside the U.S. and have order from us previously, please email us.

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"OMG testimonial alert!

I ordered Sea Goddess fragrance plus Professional Advantage Pheromones] a long time ago & was happy with it.

But time passed - I got unemployed, depressed, fat, old etc etc. Someone asked me to be a cub scout den mother, so I accepted reluctantly because someone was nice enough when my son was young.

What a disaster of misbehaving ADHD 9 year olds! On a whim one week I found the old [bottle of] Sea Goddess [see Fragrances] and dabbed it on.

That night they all scooched and crowded the chairs to my end of the table and LISTENED! WOW sounds slightly twisted but I was on the verge of resigning before I tried this "secret weapon".  LOL

Now they help my mood instead of adding to my stress. XOXOXO Don't use my name I don't want the parents to think I am a perv, but you can use the text!!! We are building mini-marshmallow catapults this week! Gina (Texas)

"I used to dread going to holiday parties. This year it was fun--I just wore my favorite Lovers Brew on my neck and dabbed it on again when someone interesting showed up. They always spoke to me first. It worked every time!"  Jenny (Kansas)

"Women really love this stuff! I didn't have to use any phony lines to get girls to talk to me, even though I'm kind of shy. The flavors you've created are really unique, too. Even my parents like the way I smell!" Arturo (Los Angeles, California) 

"After four years of marriage, my wife started hinting that she needed more romance. I started using your pheromone products as a mood enhancer and found that our love life improved dramatically! Thanks for the quality gifts and fragrance products." Dan (Minneapolis, Minnesota) 

"Almost Skyclad makes my husband's favorite product...and he doesn't even know it!!!    Tasha (Maine) 

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