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   Unique Blends ~ Unisex
 Blue Lovers Brew Blue Lovers Brew~mysterious...  patchouli with frankincense, cedar, peppermint 
 Dragon Wings Dragon Wings ~ wrap around you  enchanting, woodsy/smoky, with herbs and spices
 Gold Lovers Brew Gold Lovers Brew ~ lusty... patchouli with sandalwood, amber, a hint of bergamot
 Hunters Moon Hunters Moon ~ enchantment...  sandalwood w/ frankincense, lime and juniper berry
 Orance Cranberry Spice Orange Cranberry Spice ~ delicious  orange, cranberry, cinnamon, tantalizing fruit & spices
Cinnamon Kiss  Cinnamon Kiss ~ spicy wicked fun...  heady cinnamon & spices, smoothing amber & pear

 top  Unique Blends ~ preferred by men  
  Green Man ~ for the horned god in you... woodsy, with a touch of spice (hazelnut, juniper berry, frankincense)
  Red Lovers Brew ~ passionate... red cedar with hints of orange & sandalwood
   Unique Blends ~ preferred by women  
  Georgia Peach ~ sweet but sassy... summer peach kissed with almond
  Jasmine Jade ~ an innocent tease... jasmine with a touch of peach
  Sea Goddess ~ earthy, arrogant... A sensuous blend of Ocean, herbs, lime
  Silver Lovers Brew ~ romance of the moon... lavender with hints of rose & hyacinth

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