The best part about having a business that helps people connect with other people is the success stories from our customers. These are used by permission. If you'd like to contribute yours, please email us!


"OMG testimonial alert!

I ordered Sea Goddess fragrance plus Professional Advantage Pheromones] a long time ago & was happy with it.

But time passed - I got unemployed, depressed, fat, old etc etc. Someone asked me to be a cub scout den mother, so I accepted reluctantly because someone was nice enough when my son was young.

What a disaster of misbehaving ADHD 9 year olds! On a whim one week I found the old [bottle of] Sea Goddess [see Fragrances] and dabbed it on.

That night they all scooched and crowded the chairs to my end of the table and LISTENED! WOW sounds slightly twisted but I was on the verge of resigning before I tried this "secret weapon".  LOL

Now they help my mood instead of adding to my stress. XOXOXO Don't use my name I don't want the parents to think I am a perv, but you can use the text!!! We are building mini-marshmallow catapults this week! Gina (Texas)

"I used to dread going to holiday parties. This year it was fun--I just wore my favorite Lovers Brew on my neck and dabbed it on again when someone interesting showed up. They always spoke to me first. It worked every time!"  Jenny (Kansas)

"Women really love this stuff! I didn't have to use any phony lines to get girls to talk to me, even though I'm kind of shy. The flavors you've created are really unique, too. Even my parents like the way I smell!" Arturo (Los Angeles, California) 

"After four years of marriage, my wife started hinting that she needed more romance. I started using your pheromone products as a mood enhancer and found that our love life improved dramatically! Thanks for the quality gifts and fragrance products." Dan (Minneapolis, Minnesota) 

"Almost Skyclad makes my husband's favorite product...and he doesn't even know it!!!    Tasha (Maine) 

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